Career Tips To Go provides practical career advice you can use.

It is designed to help people work effectively to achieve the results they deserve and the rewards they desire.


The ability to develop and manage a career puts you in control and provides the opportunity to make choices. Choices about where you work, how you work and the kind of work you do. And to live the career that you dream of, aspire to or simply enjoy.

Original content is provided by founder and career expert Karen Adamedes and her team and associates. As the author of “Hot Tips for Career Chicks” and the soon to be released  “Career Tips To Go”, author, speaker and consultant Karen has unique insights into the skills that make a difference between being good at your job and having a successful career.

Our philosophy is that to achieve career success (however you define it) requires more than being good at what you do.

It requires the skills to:

* Do your best work…your very best!
* Communicate for results…so that you can do your best work AND ensure that your contributions are understood and appreciated
* Develop an effective operating style…how you work and how you are known to work
* Proactively manage your career…you have to live it, don’t leave it to others!

Whether you are starting out in your career, looking for a change, working your way up the corporate ladder or just trying to do your best job – there are a multitude of challenges to be overcome and opportunities to be leveraged.

Career Tips To Go provides you with the why, what and how to deal with many everyday work situations.

Our articles cover real world work situations, opportunities and challenges
to provide practical tips and ideas that you can use.