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5 Tips to avoid ‘lost productivity’ meetings

Lost Productivity at WorkYou can avoid “lost productivity” meetings by:

  1. Not accepting meetings that you don’t need to be at – Think. Twice.  Before you accept a meeting request.
  2. Asking for (or preparing) an agenda – nothing wrong with doing this before you say yes to a meeting invitation.
  3. Booking short meetings – there is no rule that says they have to be for an hour or half an hour. You’ll encourage people to be on time in the future if they get to a meeting and it’s almost over.
  4. Having stand-up meetings – no chair will help others get straight to the point
  5. Making your excuses and leaving a bad meeting – urgent text anyone?

Radical? Maybe

Practical? Absolutely

Do these tips work? Yep!

These have all been used in the Career Tips test environment.

Implementable? It’s over to you…


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The one tip you need to know when you go on vacation

Trust the people you delegate

Provide them with a thorough handover before you go.

Put an out-of-office reply on your email directing inquiries to the person you are empowering.

Give them your contact number (they’ll call if they need)

And don’t call them….They’ve got it!

Have a great time…you’ll be energized and refreshed when you go back to work.


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How to give back to your network

Introduce your network to each other


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How should you use coffee breaks at conferences?

Use coffee break at networking events



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