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“Embrace the unexpected” says Author and online career coach, Kathi Miller-Miller.

Introducing author and online career coach Kathi Miller-Miller

Kathi Miller-Miller is a published author and CEO of the Kathi Miller-Miller online career coaching portal.

While Kathi has always been passionate about helping others achieve success at work, in 2014 her passion took a new direction when she transitioned from coaching “in person” to “virtually” and began helping others – all over the world.

Kathi’s blogging and coaching efforts are supported both by her time in the “trenches” and the “big chair.”  And she effortlessly combines these 25+ years of successes (and failures!) to serve up witty and relevant insight on topics ranging from dealing with a boss that drives you crazy to managing millennials…all in a light-hearted and easy-to-ready style.

She is a published author and frequent speaker offering advice to those who have experienced unexpected job loss. Her book entitled, “Your Journey from Fired to Hired” has quickly become the hands on guide for those that find themselves lost after hearing the words, “You’re Fired!”

We’re thrilled to have her join the tipster team at Career Tips to Go and asked Kathi to share some insights so you could get to know her a little…

Current Role…Owner/CEO of Kathi Miller-Miller

Location…Bloomington, IL. USA

Three words that best describe my role are….SO MUCH FUN!

The knowledge and skills I needed to get this role were….a burning desire to help others find career success via the web and the ability to apply my personal leadership and middle management experience.

I got these by…..I am (and always have been!) someone who loves helping others.  Combine that with the fact that I’m also a big thinker and admitted people watching specialist…and you have Kathi Miller-Miller.  Sometimes my coaching comes from things I’ve seen folks do wrong (including me!) and other times it’s based in things I’ve seen work well.

I spend most of my day…..Writing, publishing thought provoking content (I hope!) and engaging with clients and colleagues on career related topics.  Oh and let’s not forget those hours on e-mail!

When I was growing up I wanted to be….An attorney

I still love…..hanging out on our family farm.  It may seem boring to most, but there’s just something about agriculture that gets in your blood!

The best career tip I’ve been given…..Admit to and fix your mistakes immediately.

The coolest opportunity I have had in my career so far….Wow,that’s a toughie!  I’ve been blessed to have so many great opportunities and each have helped me journey to the next one.  But if I have to pick one I guess being featured in the “Ask the Expert” for Woman’s World Magazine.  I mean how often can your friends and family see your face published in the checkout line at the grocery store?!?

My first job….Well on the farm we start working young.  So I guess my first paying job (at age 6) was helping to gather 9,000 eggs (every day!) by hand from our chicken laying operation.

Game of Thrones or Starwars? Sorry I’m not big on either.  But I am a HUGE HGTV fan.  When I do actually unwind with TV (which isn’t often) it’s my go to channel.

My best career advice would be…..Embrace the Unexpected.  My online blogging and coaching career is a perfect example.  I had no intentions of launching either until I heard the words, “You’re Fired.”  And two years later I’m more engaged and passionate than I’ve been in my entire 25 year career.

Feel free to visit Kathi at @ www.kathimillermiller.com where you can engage in the conversation, check out past posts and subscribe to her monthly newsletter.

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