One click – and we’re launched! Career skills, advice and tips are ready to go. Career Tips To Go…

Karen Adamedes right before the "click" to launch Career Tips To go!

Karen Adamedes right before the “click” to launch Career Tips To Go!

Welcome to Career Tips To Go – an online magazine with practical career advice you can use!

It is designed to help you develop the skills you need to achieve the results you deserve and the rewards you desire.

The ability to develop and manage a career puts you in control and provides you with the opportunity to make choices.

Choices about where you work, how you work and the kind of work you do. And to live the career that you dream of, aspire to or simply enjoy.

Whether you are starting out in your career, looking for a change, working your way up the corporate ladder or just trying to do your best job – there are a multitude of challenges to be overcome and opportunities to be leveraged.

Career Tips To Go provides you with the why, what and how to deal with many everyday work situations.

Our articles and resources will cover real world work situations, opportunities and challenges to provide you with practical tips and ideas that you can try for yourself! They have all been fully tested by someone, somewhere at sometime!

On our site you’ll find some ideas to ponder including why career skills are important and what career skills actually are. We invite you to meet “The Selfies” and read about different career experiences in different fields and countries in the words of the people “them-selfies”. These are real people working across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Their stories are different but many of the key themes and advice are consistent – do what you love, listen, gain experience and keep learning.

Celebrities are real people too (just living a different version of real than the rest of us) and we’ve put the celebrity spotlight on a few to hear their wise words and career advice. From Big Bang actor, Mayim Bailik (Amy Farrah Fowler) to R&B Artist, Usher to comedian Stephen Fry the messages will resonate with many of us when we think about our own careers.

We’d love it if you subscribe to our free Career Tips To Go updates via email which will include ideas, how-to’s, solutions to career dilemmas and everyday work challenges, reminders (about stuff we know you know but forget when you’re in the middle of being  crazy busy at work) and hopefully, a little bit of inspiration. Go on, it will be just like having a mentor in your mailbox!

And of course we are on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to follow the adventure of Career Tips To Go (life has to be an adventure doesn’t it?) We’d love to hear what you think, topics you’d like to see posts about and to hear your tips and successes.

Read, think about, try the career tips, and you’ll be good to go…

We’re off and running and look forward to having you with us.

– Karen

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