James Veness

James advises,

James advises, ”Keep an open mind and actively look for new opportunities.”

Recently returned from the Antarctic, Educational Speaker, James Veness provides some “downright sensible advice.”


Current Role…Educational speaker and co-founder of School Energy Efficiency

Location…Nottingham, England. U.K.

Three words that best describe my role are….
Educating, inspiring, helping to create change.

The knowledge and skills I needed to get this role were…
– Educational experience working with a wide range of students
– The ability to relate to an audience
– Being able to tell a good story
– Understanding sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy

I got these by…
– Teaching and presenting in a variety of schools
– University (there are some great free online courses available if you need to study further)
– Getting out there. Meeting people, networking and practising what I do.

I spend most of my day…
My days can vary greatly but may include:
– Presenting to different groups of students (sometimes as many as 200)
– Meeting with people from companies who are working in the low carbon economy
– Working from home making sales calls and developing new presentations.

When I was growing up I wanted to be…
A professional sportsman.

I still love…
Family, traveling, Rugby Union (it’s a code of football), cycling and a good night out with friends.

The best career tip I’ve been given…
‘The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-ive-ness.’ – Thomas Edison.

The coolest opportunity I have had in my career so far…
Being invited on a trip to Antarctica by Polar Explorer, Robert Swan.

My first job…

Game of Thrones or Starwars?
Neither. Dexter and Sherlock are my cup of tea.

My best career advice would be…
Keep an open mind and actively look for new opportunities, consider the possible outcomes and then make positive steps towards your goal.

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