Martin Allen

"Only do the job you are passionate about." is advice Martin follows.

“Only do the job you are passionate about.” is advice Martin follows.

Learning & Development Manager, Martin Allen relocated from Australia to Thailand to pursue his career goals.

Current Role…Learning & Development Manager

Location…Bangkok, Thailand.

Three words that best describe my role are….
Evolving. Never dull. Challenging (working in a different cultural environment and language.)

The knowledge and skills I needed to get this role were…
Instructional design, learning and development, organizational design – the basics of being a L&D Manager. Communication, stakeholder management and the breadth of my skills and qualifications were also important.

I got these by…
Working in operational roles in companies and gaining experience. Proactively planning my career allowed me to work out what skills I needed for the next step. This included relationship building with people who were in the roles and departments where I wanted to progress to. I negotiated with my supervisor to get in to work earlier so that I could have some time to ‘shadow’ people who were already doing the jobs I wanted to do. That’s how I found out how much I really wanted to do it.

I spend most of my day…
– Planning and developing strategy.
– Lots of meetings with my team.
– Emails.
– Time in the classroom observing my trainers and providing them with feedback and opportunities for improvement.
– Checking in with clients about their satisfaction with the training my team provides.

When I was growing up I wanted to be…
A film star…acting was a wonderful release. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Leo…I love the attention.

I still love…
Being on stage. Nowdays it’s when I make presentations at work. I still get a buzz from this.

The best career tip I’ve been given…
Only do the job you are passionate about. If you’re luke warm about what you are doing – get out and do something you love.

The coolest opportunity I have had in my career so far…
Organizing a staff training event in Sydney. We had the Harbour Bridge as the backdrop for the day, It included an activity where all the participants were taught how to and completed a painting from scratch. The energy of delight and achievement in the room at the end of the day was palpable.

My first job…
Working at KFC. Unfortunately I got fired as I didn’t make the chicken fast enough.
At my next job they gave me the feedback that I was better with customers than behind the scenes. I guess that’s how I ended up in sales and then training!

Game of Thrones or Starwars?
Neither. Mad Men for me!

My best career advice would be…
Never work for a company or a manager that is not, as close as possible, aligned to your values of what you want and who you are.

Martin’s on LinkedIn – you can visit his profile here.