Samantha McCardle

"Don't underestimate your skills set and worth to a company." says Sam.

“Don’t underestimate your skills set and worth to a company.” says Sam.

Sales Manager Samantha McCardle suffers from the travel bug. Fortunately, she’s in the right career to deal with it.


Current Role…Sales Manager, Travel Industry.


Three words that best describe my role are….
Storyteller, Evocative, Gratifying.

The knowledge and skills I needed to get this role were…
My 6 years’experience in digital marketing sales and a proven track record in achieving targets and goals. Strong negotiation, presenting and communication skills. Plus a love for traveling 🙂

I got these by…
In my first sales role I acted like a sponge – soaking up any advice the top performers in my company would give me. Taking advantage of any additional training and workshops the companies I have worked for have offered to increase my skill set.

I spend most of my day…
My favorite tasks of the day are presenting our product to potential clients and negotiating contracts. Thankfully, this takes up most of my day. Reporting and forecasting plus the odd admin tasks make up the rest.

When I was growing up I wanted to be…
An actor or ballet dancer.

I still love…
to dance.

The best career tip I’ve been given…
Never burn any bridges!! You never know who you will work with in the future or who could be a decision maker in that promotion or dream job. Remember, it’s a small world.

The coolest opportunity I have had in my career so far…
In my previous role I had an opportunity to travel through China and Hong Kong. The purpose of my trip was to write a piece for our blog about traveling solo.

My first job…
Telesales executive.

Game of Thrones or Starwars?
Game of Thrones!

My best career advice would be…
Don’t underestimate your skills set and your worth to a company. My motto is, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. Whether it’s a pay rise, transfer to another department or abroad – if you don’t ask you don’t get!

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